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The Brazilian Cochrane Center (BrCC) was opened in October 1996 and is located in the Clinical Trials and Meta-analysis Unit in the Federal University of São Paulo. The CCB collaborates with health services researchers, medical schools, consumers, governments and other interested parties across Brazil.

The aims of the Brazilian Cochrane Centre are to collaborate with others to build, maintain and disseminate a database of systematic, up-to-date reviews of randomised controlled trials of health care.



1. Relevant to Cochrane Collaboration Goal 1:

a) to contribute to the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register by searching Latin American sources for eligible reports, and provide English translations of the titles of RCTs published in Portuguese and Spanish.

b) to identify and assist people in Brazil and neighbouring countries who are willing to participate in collaborative review groups as reviewers or module editors.

c) to organise workshops and seminars to support and guide reviewers in Brazil and neighbouring countries.

2. Relevant to Cochrane Collaboration Goal 2:

a) to disseminate the findings of systematic reviews to health care agencies, policy makers, professional bodies, practitioners and consumers in Brazil.

b) to assist Brazilian health care agencies, policy makers, professional bodies and consumers to be aware of and harness the information contained in Cochrane reviews as they become available.

c) to promote research into the science of systematic reviews. Countries for which the Centre is the reference Cochrane centre Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico.



Sources of funding support:

The Federal University of São Paulo and personal funds are currently the only sources of funding support for the Brazilian Cochrane Center.


The Centre is grateful for the encouragement and support it has received from many individuals, particularly, Helio Egydio Nogueira (rector of the Federal University of São Paulo), Adauto Castelo Filho (director of CEU UNIFESP) and Brian Haynes and Iain Chalmers (directors of the Canadian and UK Cochrane Centres, respectively).



Annual Report
Scheduled for September, 1997.

Strategic Plan
Currently being developed with Steering Committee

Other Publications

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Contribution to International Register of Controlled Trials



(None so far)


Alvaro Atallah and Jair Mari have organised courses in 'Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis':

At the International Congress of Clinical Epidemiology, São Paulo May 1995

For faculty leaders in medical education in São Paulo, in October 1995 and August 1996, with Karla Soares

At the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil, in September 1996, with Edina M. Koga da Silva

Since November, 1995, Alvaro Atallah has coordinated and produced a TV program for the São Paulo Medical Association, named "Evidence Based Medicine". These programmes are broadcast daily, twice a day, across the whole of Brazil and Mercosul, and have included programmes on "Clinical Trials", "Systematic Reviews" (with Karla Soares), and " The Cochrane Collaboration" (with Iain Chalmers).

Forthcoming training activities
A programme of training activities will be developed by May, 1997, with the participation and guidance of Alejandro Jadad, Canadian Cochrane Centre.

Training materials
Will be prepared in Portuguese and Spanish, in collaboration with the BIOMED2 Project.

Future events
Possible meeting of Latin American Contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration in October 1998.


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